Lesson Learned : 2017

I know it's late but I wanna do it anyway. 2017 has bitter sweet moment. I learnt alot in 2017. That year make me wiser and rational.

What I learnt ;

1. Never listen to one sided story, you never get the truth but listen to both side story.

2. If you doesn't have any evidence, don't make any assumption.

3. Don't lie to people who trust you. Once you lie, you will never earn their trust.

4. Always compliment people instead of diss them. Compliment make people kinder.

5. Sometimes, all people need is a good listener, not an advice. Be a good listener.

6. Not all you love is good for you, sometimes you need to cut ties with toxic people even though they are someone you love.

7. People make mistake, you need to forgive them for your inner peace.

8. Don't be judgemental. Especially when you don't know the full story.

9. Cry is not a sign of weakness but an emotion that need to be free.

10.When you sad, cry. When you happy, smile. Always express your feelings.

11. Opinion is not a fact. Don't trigger with someone opinion.

12. Always reflect yourself rather than find faults in other. You don't know who are closer with God.

13. Make peace not war.

14. Some people will not appreciate your kindness and hard work, so do it for yourself.

15. Always be kind to people, you don't know their struggle.

16. Be kind to people even they mistreat you. How they treat you reflect themselves but how you respond back reflect who you are.

17. Always have a faith in God. You will see the miracle.

18. No matter how many times you have sinned, repent.

19. Don't depend on people but Allah.

20. You the one who can control your mind. Always feed a positive thought.

21. Don't go hard on yourself, always give credit for yourself.

22. Appreciate people around you, you don't know who left first.

23. Always keep a good heart.

24. Don't be attached to something temporary, you will get hurt.

25. You need to realize, everything is not always about you.

26. If you want strength, find almighty.

27. Make a beautiful memories, because a moment will last but memories remain.

28. If men said they love you, but their action speak otherwise. They don't love you. Action speak louder than words.

29. If you feel empty, just so you Allah miss you. Communicate with Him often.

30. Everything happen have a purpose. Find that purpose. Purpose create for a reason.

31. If you not learn by your mistake, you will do the same mistake.

32. Sometimes, we know that is wrong but we need people to remind us.

33. If you want peace, turn to Allah. Nobody can't give inner peace but Allah.

34. Don't overthinking, it will make a small problems bigger.

35. Choose your friend wisely. They either can eat you or benefit you.

36. Stop badmouthing if you want people to stop talking behind your back.

That's it for today. Not gonna promise will list them and explain it one by one. lol

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