As my family planning about my sister's wedding, I start to realizes time flies really fast. My mother's hair turn grey. Its grey before but its different now as the grey color on my mother's hair become thicker. My fourth sister who will get married next year, inshaAllah. In the blink of an eyes, my big family start to become bigger. We have new family's coming. Sure, it was a good thing but how time flies really fast just scare me. My mother have more wrinkles and now my sister did her braces that she wanted a few years ago. My another sister get her driving license and maybe, maybe next year she will meet someone right is just how much things really change. I'm here the same person, does not change much just growing up and become an adult.

Isn't it scary? How times flies so fast and things change? That moment will never come back. You need to enjoy every little thing as you close your eyes, its gone. Like a dust, its flies away and become a memories. Instead of looking back, you need looking forward for what's coming. 

A few weeks ago, my aunt passed away. I never thought I will lost her in the nick of time. Nobody thought that. But what can I do, I'm not superior that I can hold someone's death, so redha the only option I get. I shouldn't questioning her death but its hit me up how time always running fast. I wonder if I sleep at night and never wake up tomorrow, because that's how times is. That's how times is.

I'm just graduate and currently jobless but I get what I want. If I looking back, I lost everything. In order to not lost everything, i need to enjoy every moment. Every moment contain different meanings. Its fascinating but its scary because no moments will last forever. You need to appreciate peoples, things around you because they will leave you or you will leave them for good, it just a matter of time. There's no use in crying over split milk because time will keep ticking. Times did play a role in everything. How important the times is and yet many of us not aware of it.

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