The Most Beautiful Moment In Life

Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa means The Most Beautiful Moment In Life in chinese phrase.


BTS start to gain popularity with "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt 1" album. I totally love the entire album! It was release in April 2015. The Most Beautiful Moment or in chinese Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa is two part project series centering "youth". 

During The Most Beautiful Moment In life promotion, I learnt many things.I just really love the entire album, the lyrics, their mvs, the beats like- Its all done so well.

So, the intro song is " Intro : The Most Beautiful Moment" produce by Slow Rabbit and Suga, Music and arrangement by Slow Rabbit.

Today of all days, the rims look far away.
On the court, I breathe a deep sigh 
A boy who's terrified of reality
When he throws the ball
It'll only become his heart 
Throwing the ball alone
The one I throw at the rim

Countless worried and life's cause of worry
I pretend to know the world but
shoot, the court is to next to my feet
A small bounced
My grades are on sweeping on he floor but
I'd rather do this 
Saying everything in the world will work out 
Shouting uselessly
But the world actually give me horror
If it's that way, stop

The thoughts that fill my head
Instead of the ball, I throw my future
The horoscope that others paint
Disqualified from the criteria of success
Thanks to you the worries spread like cancer

God damn it
The ball that was tossed out and the smile that spread together
This breath that floods up to my chin
The wiggling dreams
The dribble that quickens, a heart that becomes happier
I think this moment will be eternity

But the which came from the sunset
If it comes again then this reality becomes a bit worn away
If I come to my sense again I becomes more terrified
I get terrified again at my own image
The sense of reality that looms

Others have ran ahead of me but
Why I'm still here
Breathe breathe
or dream dream
My heartbeat has stop now

Paddle again
Living while ignoring being caught in the weak double standards of others
and the like sunset on the court,
The sun will set on your life
What am I doing with my life

This moment
It will never come  again
It won't come to me again
Am I happy right now?
That's answer is already fixed
I'm happy 

I really those lyrics. It's give me something, I can heavily relate. The way the rap flow, the heavy beat is just- no word can't describe it. Everything is so perfect. My hurt ache reading the lyrics and listen to Suga rap. Am I happy? My answer are not fixed yet.

So, this the intro of  'The Beautiful Moment In Life pt 1'. I don't think I need to explain it why its choose to be the intro.

I have my inspiration to write this when I watched the Epilogue concert where they talk about the beautiful moment in life.

That's happen when Bts got question like "Is this your HYYH (the most beautiful moment)? However the second part "What is happen when happiness goes away?" That second question is very odd to me. They asked them at the very end of  the concert. Isn't we ending the concert with happy way?

I give you the intro lyrics, the title of the album. Its because I want all of you think about it. The HYYH concept are really deep and have powerful question. We all wish happiness aren't we? We all afraid we never find happiness. The questions is a really good question to recapitulate the answer that were given by the members, and to reflect on them.

Lemme tell you one by one.


When the staff (?) asked what HYYH was, Rapmon answers that it was something that they ought to do. He feels that HYYH was a sincere concept, the closest to their own personal experiences. He said he in the principle of being ambivalence. He talk the idea humans could only evolve as far because of their capacity to be ambivalent.

Living in fear does not help him reach his HYYH, it would hinder him.When the falls arrives, he wishes to acknowledge it and treasure the happy moments that he had. There are up hills and down hills and hopefully, every time a dark time comes, he can fight and make it beautiful again.


When they asked about an eventual end of HYYH, Jin is surprised. Its a scary thought since they built so much but that all could vanish in an instant. However he believes there are more than one HYYH. Another happy moment will come.

Well, that means he enjoying his every moment. Living in the moment is very good way to achieve happiness.


Suga answered that it brought a lot of happy things for him at the same time, a lot of sad things. To him, that period hold a lot of meaning and he can't forget it. When the question "Is this your HYYH?" he answer "I do not wish it to be". He wishes for a bright future to arrive. He wishes for more.

Suga believe every beautiful moment has it ending to each. He end by stating that he thinks the ability to accept one's fall is an admireable and one that he wish to possess.

Suga seems looking more the future but that's actually have a good things too. We can learn to walk through darker time in a very good way because we convinced that they will be a bright future waiting for us.


Jhope recognize that beauty does not last forever. However he believe he can overcoming darker times and turn to happiest moment. By putting his faith on others, Jhope is giving them another form of strength. By having faith on others, we become stronger together.


Jimin said he asked a lot of questions before the beginning of HYYH. He not sure why the concept The Most Beautiful Moment In Life meant to him.

Jimin answered surprisingly, to him, happiness can only determined by himself. Every person priorities are different and our happiness will be different as well. A fall would mark the different of a new quest to find happiness for him.

Tbh, my HYYH almost the same as Jimin.


V HYYH are different from others. He would reflect on his past experience. He would not regret anything because he has lived a lot of beautiful things. Hopefully, he reaching HYYH again.

V the only member who doubt to reaching HYYH again. From what he said, I think we should learn our past mistake in order to becomes a better person.


Jungkook admit he never think of HYYH. However, he talk about other things that he wishes to try in his life, like painting and musical instruments. Leraning these things will make him appreciate his life.

I think Jungkook is good to find happy moment by smallest things. 

The concept is really good. When, I know about their entire album, their lyrics, actually I think a lot about my HYYH. What HYYH means to me? It's make me mature and think deeply. 

Everyone want happiness but not everyone can achieve happiness. Some people they died without taste happiness in this world. Some people don't believe happiness does exist. How ironic isn't it? Happiness is luxury things that you can't buy but feel.

Sometimes, I'm in lost and empty. I don't know why I born in this world. I don't know why I'm here. I'm lost. I feel empty even I have a lot of friends (not really) but why? There's always something missing. I can't truly find the happiness.

What HYYH means to me?

HYYH is something that we create in our mind. If we think positive when we go through a darker time, we will find HYYH there.We create and we define it by ourselves but even I have positive mindset, there's always something missing. 

Perhaps, I'm missing Allah in my life, I should searching my HYYH by knowing Allah. 

Haha 0-100 religious real quick isn't it?

Even though I still don't feel HYYH, I know I should not give up because we all know where HYYH come from. It is from Allah. We need to pleased Him.

I actually wonder bts HYYH. When they achieve their 'HYYH' did they feel lonely a lil? or maybe empty? Because I found someone well not exactly muslims, she said she's happy because she has someone she love, money, fame, popularity, looks like everything but deep inside her heart, she feel empty like something is missing.


This full ver, you should watch it.

I just feel need to write it because I love listen to someone's thought.

So, whats your HYYH? Mind to share it

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