Again, Perfectly Imperfect. - Allah with us

I know i has post this before but i want to write it again. I know many of you haven't read my older post since its boring or maybe you guys miss it.

I want to write it again because i need to since there are many people that feel insecure about themself. I just hope this article will make you feel better.

Here you go, my perfectly imperfect or this article.

The content just the same lol. Your choice you gonna read which one!

I'm not gonna write it twice at this blog. 

Have you read it?

Now. I want to talk as someone who have a religion, i mean who is muslim.

We all struggle, sometimes, all the times.

I know there's a time you feel like dying. I know there's time where you feel like writing everything you hate about yourself into your beautiful skin. I know there's things in your mind that you think you deserve to be punished for. Even though, there's someone who told you to constantly smile, be happy and eliminate your negative thoughts, its never been easy for you.

But, we as a muslim. I want to remind you,

Why this happen to you?
Why all of this happen to you?

Allah swt want to show you something. Allah swt want to teach you something. 

"Sometimes, when we in difficulties, struggle to find the light. All we need to do is perpetual istigfar and land your forehead on sejadah  while feeling grateful that you only have Allah swt." We rarely read Quran, or maybe we do read Quran but does we understand Quran? Does we really communicate with Allah swt?

And once you closer to Allah swt, you start to know yourself.
You are not lost anymore.

AND Just because you does not fill the criteria being pretty, please love yourself.

It is important to love yourself because loving yourself is all you have. When everyone else leaves, you will have love and that should be fulfill your every craving of being loved. How to love yourself? Find Allah swt and be closer with Him, you will find yourself. Thats how you will love yourself. 

And you need to learn your value too and how to appreciate yourself first. You need to know it is important to find your own soul. 

If you drowning with dunya matter only, then you will be drowning deeper and deeper. Lost yourself to find happiness in this dunya which is not even permanent. You'll never find happiness in this dunya. This is trial for us.

Go find Allah swt. He never leave you, but you leave Him.

This is bitter sweet life. Don't take too much sweet or you'll be drowning from  dunya. Don't feel too much bitter or you forget that this dunya is illusion.

"On this road called life, you have to take the bad, smile with sad love what you got and remember what you had."

Because sometimes, we are too focus on the negatives and the problems - 'what's not right in our world'.

And seek help through patience and prayer, and  indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive (to Allah swt)
-Quran 2 :45

 I just hope you guys does not too focus on your looks until you feel insecure about yourself and fall in a deep depression. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. This is Allah trial. This is for you to walk in Jannah and having happily ever after life.

Stay strong, be positive. We all struggle.

Fighting everyone!

Oh Allah! I appeal to you for the weakness in my strength and my limited power and the treatment and contempt and humiliation from people. To you, the most Merciful of all merciful ones, you are the lord of opressed and you are my Lord

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