Love yourself

Love yourself.  Love who you are. Accept your flaws, your weakness. Acknowledge your strength. Don't go hard on yourself.

Sometimes, we hate ourselves. We asking why we are so different. Why we can be like her or him? We can see good in people but not in ourselves. Why? 

We feel worthless and useless, we asking why we here anyway? Nobody cares. Even we don't care about ourselves. We want to be happy but why it's hard to be happy? We want smile sincerely, without faking it. We want to go out and breath in the fresh air as it hits softly on our skin. We want to feel alive.

But, how could you be happy if you were not happy with yourself? Its hard to accept who we are but its only harder when listen to people says. Of course, its easy to say than to act. Perhaps, there's nothing easy.

To be loved, you must love yourself first. You can't find your self-love in others. The only key to love yourself is yourself. Of course people will love you even though you do not love yourself but their love will only hurt you. You start to depend on them. You start to seek the love that you should give yourself through their love. You can't find it. That's hurt. You want them to love because you couldn't love yourself and if they are not meet your expectations, you hurt. You put your happiness in their hands which is it easy to drop. You start to feel insecure if they says something bad to you and don't accept for who you are. You want their acceptance because you can't accept yourself. 

You asking why you couldn't be happy. Look at the mirror, even you don't want to. You look completely miserable. 

We can't meet society's standard and that's okay. That doesn't mean we weird or ugly or anything bad that play in our mind every single night. I don't know who made up the society's standards neither do you. Those society's standards cover our uniqueness, our charms, our beauties. We busy to meet society's standards until we start to believe we are ugly and weird. We start to believe what people says about us. 

That's my love, 
Is that your happiness?

Everyone have flaws and we can't actually rate everyone's beauty as we know everyone have different preference. So stop hating on yourself. Yourself need peace. Yourself need love. 

When we love ourselves, we start to look at different perspectives. We start to accept ourselves, our flaws, our weakness and acknowledge our strength. With that, people will love you and you definitely will meet someone right ; accepting who you are.

The way we love ourselves will effect the way we love for others. The first step to achieve happiness is by self-love because happiness comes within yourself. No matter what's your definition of happiness.

Always love yourself beautiful.

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